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Lipids Animated Video


Simply lipids: The composition of lipids

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Lipids Animated Video

tender lips and nose and crossed fingers of a newborn baby asleep on a diaper, closeup

Enter the realm of infant nutrition with our animated video, delving into the vital role of lipids in nurturing early life development. Explore how lipids found in breast milk, as the second largest macronutrient, fuel energy needs and bolster the growth of neural and immune systems in infants. Unveil the distinctive composition of breast milk lipids, encapsulated within large milk fat globules enveloped by the Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM).

Discover how these structural disparities influence digestion, nutrient absorption, and infant growth and development between breastfed and formula-fed infants. Dive into scientific breakthroughs in formula composition, aimed at mimicking breast milk's lipid architecture. Witness the integration of larger lipid droplets enveloped by membranes in innovative formulas, mirroring natural digestion processes and signaling a significant stride in infant nutrition.

Join us on this journey into the science of lipids, ensuring every infant receives the best nutritional start possible.


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Lipids Animated Video

Lipids Animated Video

Lipids Animated Video

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