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The healthy development and function of the gut and its microbiota plays a key role in the training and maturation of the immune system, as the majority of immune cells are located in the gut. Biotics are a group of substances crucial in maintaining gut health and overall wellness by improving gut barrier function, reducing inflammation, and enhancing immune function.


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The gut microbiota consists of trillions of microorganisms most of which are non-harmful and can provide benefits to the host, such as educating the immune system and supporting appropriate immune response. If the colonisation of gut microbiota is disrupted in early life it can lead to dysbiosis.


Several factors can cause this including maternal dysbiosis, cesarean section delivery, exposure to antibiotics, or premature delivery. Dysbiosis may adversely affect the gut and immune system development leading to increased susceptibility to disease later in life.

Optimal nutrition with biotics during the early life supports the development of a healthy well-functioning gut and immune system as well as supporting healthy growth.

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